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The WTS has created a living link called “Find an Expert” on our website, connected directly to searchable member’s pages. It includes all WTS members in good standing that have a demonstrated area of clinical and/or research expertise. We believe this will be an exciting opportunity that will boost the visibility of WTS members. Built to give our members valuable opportunities that will be needed for ongoing academic and professional advancement. Log into your Expert Profile Account to view detailed search results.

The purpose of this expert repository is to provide a reliable place for individuals and groups looking for experts (i.e. Program Committee members, Leadership and Chairs of Society’s Workforces and Task forces, Academic Institution faculty and leadership, Editorial Board members) to find women cardiothoracic surgeon experts to fill the needed roles.  When looking for diverse and varied experts for consideration for roles such as, speakers at national meetings, panelists, moderators, visiting Professorships and Grand Rounds speakers, this will be a valuable resource. 

To qualify to be listed as an “Expert” on a topic, one needs to have given at least 3 talks and 3 publications in a specific clinical or research niche.

In areas in which one does not meet this criterion but is an area of professional/academic research and of particular interest, should be listed under “Interests” on one’s member page.