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2013 WTS Scholarship recipients and their mentors at the WTS Membership Meeting & Reception, Jan. 28, 2013, Los Angeles. Top row from left: Yolonda Colson, MD; Iva Smolens, MD; Jessica Donington, MD; Shari Meyerson, MD; Rebecca Wolfer, MD; Andrea J. Carpenter, MD. Front row from left: Gita Mody, MD; Hyaehwan Kim, MD; Jane Yanagawa, MD; Danielle Smith, MD; Janet Edwards, MD; Natalie Gukasyan.

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Currently Open for Applications:

AATS-WTS Mid-career Investigator Award

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WTS Intuitive Fellowship

STS-WTS Extraordinary Women in Cardiothoracic Surgery Award

WTS Terumo Aortic Fellowship

TSF Carolyn E. Reed Traveling Fellowship

“This summer I spent two weeks in Portland, Oregon, with the Oregon Clinic foregut surgeons Drs. Steve DeMeester and Christy Dunst. This experience invigorated my enthusiasm to develop a complex esophageal practice and continue research in this area. At Case Western, I plan to perform endoscopic resections as part of staging for early-stage esophageal cancer patients.”

“This July I spent time at OHSU and obtained a limited Oregon license and privileges at the hospital so that I was able to participate in cases. Overall, it was a wonderful educational experience that increased my understanding of foregut disease and improved my surgical and endoscopic skills to identify dysplasia.”