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Lisa M. Brown, MD, MAS

“Thoracic Surgery is a great fit for me because the cases can be technically challenging and I have the opportunity to resect cancer and improve quality of life. It’s important to me to develop rapport with my patients; my aim is to practice patient-centered care. My research focuses on improving health care delivery with an emphasis on helping patients prepare for and recover from lung cancer resection.”

Dr. Lisa Brown is an Assistant Professor of Thoracic Surgery and Clinical Director of the Comprehensive Lung Cancer Screening Program at the University of California Davis Health.

Dr. Brown specializes in General Thoracic Surgery, with a particular interest in thoracic surgical oncology, including cancers of the lung, esophagus, chest wall, and thymus. She also has an interest in the treatment of benign esophageal disease including paraesophageal hernia, GERD, and achalasia. Dr. Brown has had extensive advanced training using minimally invasive techniques including thoracoscopic (VATS), laparoscopic, endoscopic, and robotic surgery. Dr. Brown has a Master’s of Advanced Study degree in Clinical Research. She is interested in outcomes research including retrospective and prospective cohort studies, cost-effectiveness analyses, and clinical trials. She is developing research foci on patient-centered outcomes and lung cancer in women.


As highlighted in her nomination by Dr. Mara Antonoff:

“Dr. Lisa Brown is an inspirational role model for all surgeons, researchers, women, and, frankly, for humans in general. She is one of the hardest working, most compassionate, and conscientious physicians around. She is enormously talented, and she readily shares her technical skillset with trainees and colleagues. She holds a Masters Degree in clinical research, and she has written a number of practice-changing papers in the areas of clinical outcomes research. She has been a strong contributing leader to numerous organizations, including the Women in Thoracic Surgery, the Thoracic Surgery Outcomes Research Network, and the Society of Thoracic Surgeons. She is natural born leader, and her humility and poise are unparalleled. Beyond her enormous contributions to the world of thoracic surgery, she is also a phenomenal colleague and friend. She’s a hard-core cyclist, an loving aunt, a foodie, an incredibly funny conversationalist, and the most loyal person. She’s someone from whom we all can learn, and someone to whom we all look for camaraderie, motivation, and support.”