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HelenMari Merritt-Genore, D.O.

“Specializing in CT means always staying on your toes and being ready to respond to the next challenge with innovation and a positive attitude. The same goes for being a surgeon mom actually. ~ CT surgery-humbling surgeons who think they might just have it figured out, since 1896.”

Dr. Merritt-Genore was the Inaugural Chief Resident from the Integrated Cardiothoracic Surgery Training Program at the University of Texas Health Science Center.  She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery and Assistant Program Director for the CT Surgery Residency Program at the University of Nebraska.  She is a proud mother of 2, and it seems that she can do it all and do it amazingly well!  To learn more about her, watch her institutional video online!


Her colleagues have enormous respect and admiration for her, and appropriately so.  Her nomination reads:

“Dr. HelenMari Merritt-Genore is an exceptional surgeon and woman. I’ve known her for 7 years and watched her mature into a wonderful cardiothoracic surgeon. She was the first I6 resident in the University of Texas San Antonio program and graduated as strong, if not stronger than any resident across the country, in any configuration. She has had a successful career at the University of Nebraska where she serves as Assistant Program Director. She is relatable, smart, has a great attitude, and is a pleasure to be around and work with. She has two amazing children of her own, as well as a step-son and wonderful husband. HelenMari is evidence that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to and do it really well! Honored to call her not only a colleague, but a good friend.”