WTS Membership Email List License

WTS Membership E-mail List License 

The WTS membership e-mail list license is available to send WTS-approved e-mail messages only. WTS leadership will determine if the submitted e-mail is acceptable for dissemination to the WTS membership. All requests must include the purpose of the request, and a copy of the message, letter, brochure, marketing piece, etc. that would be sent to recipients if approved by WTS leadership. Messages will be sent by WTS one time unless otherwise noted in the fee structure below. 

The following requests are permitted:  

  • IRB-approved or IRB-exempt research projects
  • Promotion of educational and training events and opportunities (not including live surgery events)
  • Job/leadership opportunities
  • Educational lectures (Faculty Development, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, etc.)
  • Industry-sponsored courses (product, equipment, materials and service advertisements are not permitted promotion not permitted)

The following requests are not permitted: 

  • Promotion of live surgical events
  • Product, equipment, materials and service advertisements

Terms: Each approved WTS e-mail list license message is for one-time use. Requestors may ask for approval to send the approved message one additional time; approval to send messages a second time is not guaranteed. The WTS mailing will not be transferred to other parties. Recipient files will not be maintained upon completion of the mailing. 

Disclaimers: Data housed in the WTS database includes all categories of surgeon members of the WTS. Data are provided to WTS by cardiothoracic surgery members directly and are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate when licensed to requestors by WTS. WTS will not write or edit messages on behalf of requestors. 

All approved promotional messages will include the following disclaimers:

  • This is a paid advertisement sent on behalf of company/organization name.
  • WTS has not endorsed the products or events referenced above, and the views expressed in this email communication are entirely those of company/organization name.

Fees Requests are subject to the following fees

  • WTS Active, Honorary, Emeritus member requests for the purpose of collecting data for IRB-approved or IRB-exempt research project: $250 
  • WTS Candidate or Associate members sponsored by an Active member requests for the purpose of collecting data for IRB-approved or IRB-exempt research project: $250
  • WTS Institutional members: $1,000 
  • Non-member, non-profit institutional or organizational requests: $1,500 
  • Non-member, for profit institutional, individual, industry, organizational, or commercial entity requests: $2,000

To begin the mailing list license request process: Prepare your e-mail message and any attachments and/or links and send a copy of the final version to Katie Harrell at kharrell@sts.org

Submit only the final version of the message, with no edits or changes to be made. 

Your request must include the segment of WTS members you wish to reach: 

  • Active members 
  • Candidate members (trainees) 
  • International members
  • Associate members (allied health)

Please allow up to 7 business days from confirmation of receipt of your mailer for a decision. If your request is approved, an invoice will be sent via e-mail. Credit cards or checks are an acceptable form of payment. To submit a request or for more information about the WTS membership mailing list licensing process, please send a message to kharrell@sts.org.