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Welcome to the Residents Corner of WTS!  We’re excited to launch this portion of the website designed to encourage and support women cardiothoracic residents. Many of us are the only females at our institution – but with WTS you are not alone!  And that’s one of the best parts of the WTS — providing a support network.  To start off this Residents Corner we will be posting links of WTS opportunities for residents, articles that may be of interest, and links to other resources.  In the future we envision adding resident profiles and other content.  If you have specific ideas and/or want to get involved please email Elizabeth at  Happy operating!

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Janani Reisenauer, MD

“I consider myself very fortunate to have a supportive husband and daughter who make me proud of my career, and a wonderful job that makes me proud of my family.  Many days are not easy, and many days one takes priority at the cost of the other, but it is incredibly rewarding to heal people every day and get them home to their loved ones so I can get home to mine.  Its important to have passion for everything you do, and my passion for thoracic surgery is what gives me the energy and the drive to be a caring and competent physician and make my daughter proud.”

Dr. Janani Reisenauer was born in London, England, and grew up in Huntsville, Alabama.  She attended medical school at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, graduating in 2010.  She completed her 4/3 cardiothoracic training at the Mayo Clinic, graduating in 2017. Dr. Reisenauer is now completing a Scholars Year at Mayo, training in Interventional Pulmonology, and plans to join the Mayo faculty in a unique position in both thoracic surgery and interventional pulmonology after completing this training in 2018.  She is married to an interventional radiologist who also calls Mayo his home, and they share a beautiful 2 year old daughter. Dr. Reisenauer was nominated by Dr. Shanda Blackman, who states the following:

“Dr. Reisenauer is one of the most professional colleagues I have worked with. She is always pleasant, completes tasks, and seeks solutions to difficult problems through investigating new technology. She is a leader and an example for our residents to follow. She balances her personal life with a daughter and a husband who is an interventional radiologist well with her professional life. She is fully engaged in life and yet clear about limitations. She does not commit unless she is completely focused and ready. I have no doubt she will be one of our brightest rising stars in Cardiothoracic Surgery”

Dr. Reisenauer with her husband and daughter

Dr. Reisenauer operating