Leora B. Balsam MD Featured Surgeon Profile

Leora B. Balsam, MD

“Cardiac surgery is teamwork. When a patient says thanks to me for making a new chapter in life possible, I know they are saying thanks to so many others who had a part in their successful outcome. I am fortunate to work in a setting where professionals from so many disciplines rally behind a common cause. With complicated patients, this can really make a difference, because it takes so much more than a technical operation to get these patients back on their feet after surgery. When you think about how to build a fulfilling practice, having a team you can depend on is the key.”

Dr. Leora Balsam is an Associate Professor of Cardiac Surgery and Surgical Director of the Ventricular Assist Device program at the University of Massachusetts. Dr. Balsam specializes in mechanical circulatory support, coronary artery revascularization, and heart valve repair and replacement. Dr. Balsam attended medical school at Harvard University, general surgery and cardiothoracic surgery residency at Stanford University.

As highlighted in her nomination by her patient, Dean Christianson:

“I first met Dr. Balsam on 4/8/2016 following a CT/A scan at NYU ER confirming my acute Type A Aortic Dissection. She saved my life by way of the ensuing open surgery and throughout a number of major AD related complications following. While Dr. Balsam has move from NYU to UMass, I am obviously a grateful, and living, believer in her wisdom and skill in the field of Cardio-Thoracic surgery.”

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