AATS Collaboration with Women in Thoracic Surgery for the 2018 AATS Leadership Academy

The American Association for Thoracic Surgery (AATS) is joining with Women in Thoracic Surgery (WTS) to expand the highly successful AATS Leadership Academy program to a broader audience. The collaboration will focus on developing future women leaders by exposing them to the administrative, interpersonal, and mentoring skills necessary to serve in leadership positions in the field of cardiothoracic surgery. For the sixth consecutive year, Medtronic Inc. will provide support to make the Leadership Academy possible.

The 2018 AATS/WTS Leadership Academy program has been designed specifically for women who are no less than five years into their academic careers in thoracic surgery, and currently hold a position as an Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or who have recently been promoted to Professor. Candidates should have demonstrated leadership skills and shown significant promise as potential future Division Chiefs or leaders within their institution. As in previous years, the program will maintain close to a 1:1 ratio to ensure mentorship opportunities are readily available to all.

This program will be open primarily to female CT surgeons from North America, although highly qualified female international surgeons will also be considered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I apply?
Regardless of the size or location of an institution, the core non-technical skills associated with serving in a leadership position remain the same. This program aims to help those interested in acquiring or refining that skill set in an informal setting where faculty presentations and open forum discussion generate ideas that can be implemented upon returning to your institution.

What makes the program unique/valuable?
In addition to being one of the more intimate sessions in cardiothoracic surgery to gain insights into non-technical skills development, the Leadership Academy Committee has taken pride in providing attendees with a focused networking opportunity to build long-term professional relationships. An important part of this is a 1:1 ratio of attendees to faculty with mandatory attendance and active participation required of everyone.

Is this open to international applicants?
Yes, a limited number of highly qualified female international applicants may be accepted to attend.

How do I apply?
Applications can be submitted through the AATS website. When submitting an application, you will be asked to provide attachments such as a CV, Statement of Career Goals, Narrative of what you hope to gain from the program, and two letters of support including one from your Chief of Surgery.

Deadline December 22, 2017