Mission Statement & Goals

The mission of Women in Thoracic Surgery includes the following:

1. To enhance the quality of medical care given to patients of the members;
2. To focus on the development of women thoracic surgeons through a mentoring program;
3. To enhance the education of patients concerning heart and lung disease, particularly but not exclusively, among women; and
4. To enhance the education of women thoracic surgeons through seminars and other training mediums.
5. To create a supportive community to optimize the advancement of women in CT surgery.

Goals of Women in Thoracic Surgery:

  • Foster an environment that supports women through education, mentorship, sponsorship and scholarship
  • Eliminate gender disparities
  • Create an inclusive culture in which women can thrive
  • To give a voice to women CT surgeons, while educating others
  • To advocate for our patients, peers and trainees
  • To increase international WTS membership
  • To promote fair treatment and wellness
  • To increase the percentage of women members by including every practicing women CT surgeon
  • Celebrate diversity